Being rich "can add nine healthy years to your life"

Grant Boone
January 17, 2020

'Our study makes a unique contribution to understanding the levels of inequalities in health expectancies between England and the USA where healthcare systems are very different'. Do older adults in England stay disability-free longer than those in the United States?

University College London specialists conducted a study with over 25,000 adults over age 50 in the United States and England and divided participants into three groups based on their total household wealth.

Everything paled in comparison to wealth.

Women from the wealthiest groups from the U.S. and England lived around an additional 33 "healthy" years, compared with 24.6 and 24 years from the poorest wealth groups in England the USA respectively.

There are some ways to outline wealth. In this study, the researchers considered physical possessions, such as a house, jewelry and works of art, as well as other financial assets, such as savings and investments that had accumulated during a person's life, less debts. In the group of the poor the figure was only 22-23 years.

Although the educational level and social class had some effect, none were found to be as significant as wealth. The researchers didn't consider race as a consider England, proscribing that nation's information set, which was almost fully white to start with, to white Britons. When parsing the more racially diverse American data set by race, the conclusions stayed the same, Zaninotto said.

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"While life expectancy is a useful indicator of health, it is becoming increasingly recognized that quantification of the quality of remaining years of life is also crucial", the study found.

"More wealth means it's easier to get to your appointments and access additional services that would not be available to people with less", said Loeckenhoff, who was not involved in the study.

Additional examine is required to grasp why wealth specifically is such a powerful indicator of how lengthy somebody lives unimpaired, she stated, but it surely was nearly definitely a perform of "having access to funds when you have ill health".

But what about all of those people on remote, lovely islands who seem to live forever?

"Inequalities in healthy life expectancy exist in both countries and are of similar magnitude", the researchers wrote in the study, suggesting that "in both countries, efforts in reducing health inequalities should target people from disadvantaged socioeconomic groups".

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