Google to Uninstall Chrome Apps by June

Ruben Fields
January 17, 2020

The ad organizations stated they are "deeply disappointed that Google would unilaterally declare such a major change without prior careful consultation across the digital and advertising industries".

"There's been a lot of focus around third-party cookies, and that certainly is one of the tracking mechanisms, but that's just a tracking mechanism and we're calling it out because it's the one that people are paying attention to", he added. "Some browsers have reacted to these concerns by blocking third-party cookies, but we believe this has unwanted consequences that can negatively affect both users and the web ecosystem".

"The progress of modern browsers puts the Web in a good position to answer the vast majority of use cases - evident in the success of companies like Figma and our own products like Google Earth". In the meantime, Google said it plans to develop the tools to mitigate workarounds for a cookie-less experience on its Chrome browser, with the first trials beginning before the end of the year.

When Cookies are finally phased out, third parties would not be able to have access to user's personal data.

And there are anxieties that Google might utilize its dimension as well as prominence to maintain gathering information also without cookies as well as suppress competitors in the procedure.

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They are urging Google to "publicly and quickly commit to not imposing this moratorium on third party cookies until effective and meaningful alternatives are available".

Justin Schuh, a director for Chrome engineering at Google, said initial feedback to proposals it announced in August "gives us confidence that solutions in this space can work".

Starting next month, Google will treat cookies that do not include a SameSite label as first-party only, and require cookies labeled for third-party use to be accessed over HTTPS. PPAPI, an implementation of Native Client meant to make sandboxed browser plugins with, was only ever used for the Chrome implementation of Adobe Flash Player. Cookies are small pieces of code that get stuck in users' browsers and follow them on the Internet.

Google announced that it is putting an end to the tracking of third-party cookies on Google Chrome, which is the tech giant's largest technology used for targeted advertising. Anti-tracking features, intelligent tracking prevention, shortening the life span of cookies that are used by Apple's Safari web browser. The aim of the project, it said at the time, is to improve user privacy while also protecting the businesses of publishers and advertisers.

Chrome is the most popular web browser on the planet with a 63 percent share.

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