Jack Dorsey makes it clear: Twitter will never get an edit button

Ruben Fields
January 17, 2020

Dorsey explained the reason for not making the edit feature available on Twitter during the QnA.

That is the most conclusive answer Dorsey or anyone from Twitter has ever given about the feature.

Dorsey, answering person questions in a video from Wired, stated there have been "practical considerations" that make the addition of an edit button hard.

"But we'll probably never do it, " says Dorsey, with such an inscrutable expression and deadpan delivery that I can't quite tell if it's sarcasm or resolute indifference.

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Dorsey answers several questions from Twitter users in the video, and inevitably someone asks whether we'll get an edit button in 2020. This renders the retweet inaccurate, Dorsey noted.

"During the day, I feel so much more focused". And, of course, one of the questions was about button appreciated That would save so many headaches, but that would lead to others.

Edit button could have good and bad applications as you can fix typos and broken links while malicious actors can edit their tweets to mislead people.

"We started as an SMS, text message service". In a recent interview with Wired, Dorsey acknowledged his unconventional fasting routine. This leaves users wondering if editing tweets will always be an option. One is that tweets can be retweeted - typos and all - before edits are made. Twitter has never promised an edit button, and we all had the feeling that if this were to occur, it would be now. But that means delaying tweets, Twitter, who doesn't want to do. If you didn't know already we learn why tweets have a limited set of characters, that you can extend that limit endlessly using threads, and Dorsey sarcastically responds to the idea of a dislike button by stating he'll get the team on it.

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