No in-flight abort for SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft today

Katie Ramirez
January 19, 2020

"Then there was an alarm in the capsule and a light".

The Crew Dragon tablet is equipped with particular abort engines that can pull the spacecraft away from its rocket if there might be an anomaly all the blueprint by blueprint of flight.

"You design this with the hopes that you never have to use it, but this is showing that it works in the real world", said former astronaut Garrett Reisman, former director of space operations at Space Exploration Technologies Corp. and a professor of astronautics at the University of Southern California.

On Saturday morning, Elon Musk's space organization intends to lead an urgent wellbeing exhibit called an in-flight prematurely end test. That spacecraft became later destroyed all the blueprint by blueprint of ground testing of the abort gadget. To grow a new American-made shuttle, NASA propelled the Commercial Crew Program: a challenge between privately owned businesses for billions of dollars of government contracts.

And during a test flight last month, a faulty timer on Boeing's Starliner astronaut capsule prevented the uncrewed craft from reaching the correct orbit to dock with the space station, cutting short the planned mission. Thick clouds are expected to move over the Kennedy Space Center and potentially interfere with the missile's trajectory as conditions at sea calm down, according to Mike McAleenan, a launch weather officer who briefed the reporters on Friday.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule is different. Both SpaceX and Boeing are years behind schedule - the original goal was to launch NASA astronauts by 2017 - and each has faced setbacks during development. Space X will be triggering a launch escape during the simulation and see how well the Crew Dragon will be able to detach from the rocket.

In 2018, a propellant leak caused a fire that damaged one of Boeing's test capsules.

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In preparation of this last major milestone, SpaceX has already raised up its Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon capsule at launch pad 39A in Florida and the crew access arm has been extended ahead of Saturday's in-flight demonstration.

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Bad weather usually only delays rocket launch if it impairs the rocket's path.

How well the capsule's parachutes perform is a particular area of interest.

Rapidly after liftoff on Saturday, onboard software program will deliberately trigger the spacecraft's launch-abort gadget midflight.

Astronauts haven't launched to the ISS from USA soil since the end of the space shuttle program in July 2011. The crew landed safely in Kazakhstan.

"We requested from (the military), if something goes awry, such as a pad abort or an ascent abort - which is what we're talking about with this In-Flight Abort Test - then they typically would go out and deploy their teams and provide for rescuing the crew, picking them up", said Ted Mosteller, NASA's commercial crew launch and landing lead, in an interview.

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