Man Takes over Portland Airport Monitor to Play Video Game Apex Legends

Ruben Fields
January 20, 2020

At Portland International Airport, a young man, bored out of his mind, found a unique way to entertain himself while waiting for his flight.

A man, waiting at Portland International Airport, chose to relieve his boredom with a quick go on Apex Legends.

US Gamer pointed out that the man chose to play a ranked match judging by a badge on the corner of the screen. The console was a PlayStation 4, and it was plugged into a monitor that showed a map of the airport, assisting travelers with directions.

Local radio station KXL (via The Oregonian) report that the man had his console connected to a monitor meant to display a map of the airport for visitors, an incident heard on the local emergency scanner as a "hijacking" of the display. According to Dietz, the player even seemed to be talking to other players through a headset. The man who was in-game was approached by airport operators and was "very kindly" asked to exit his game. The gamer was not identified, but the game he was playing was described as battle royale game Apex Legends.

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According to Simonds, the man asked "very politely" if he could finish his game.

The airport officials said no, so it was game over for the passenger, who complied.

What do you think of this amusing story? Unfortunately, he discovered that one isn't exactly allowed to do such things at an airport, to absolutely no one's surprise.

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