Evelyn Yang says she was sexually assaulted by OB-GYN

Clay Curtis
January 21, 2020

But Yang said she "just kind of froze" and didn't react. Yang describes feeling overwhelmed, defenseless, and vulnerable going back to Dr. Hadden. While there seemed to be no premise for the questioning, she explained that she felt she could live with having a doctor who seemed a little "perverted". As Yang's pregnancy progressed, Hadden's behavior changed. Evelyn says that Hadden started to ask her inappropriate, prying questions about her sexual activity.

Ms Yang said she told her husband about the alleged assault after the birth of their child, Christopher.

As the pregnancy progressed, Hadden gave Yang more exams. Her examinations became longer, more frequent, and, she realized later, unnecessary.

"I was in the exam room, and I was dressed and ready to go", Yang told CNN. The Democratic Presidential candidate's wife revealed herself as one of the women who came forward to accuse Hadden of assault.

Evelyn was seven months pregnant when the final straw was drawn. She said Hadden pulled her to him and undressed her, then used his fingers to examine her internally. "I knew I was being assaulted". "I knew I was being assaulted".

Like many survivors of sexual abuse, Yang's immediate thoughts involved some level of self-blame and an attempt to understand her assault. "I knew I was being assaulted". "Just frozen. I knew it was happening". "I remember trying to fix my eyes on a spot on the wall ... just waiting for it to be over". "Then, at the last minute, he kind of made up an excuse".

Evelyn Yang, who previously fought to keep her name anonymous says she is speaking out now because she has a platform to talk about it. Not even her husband. "She is the source of strength for our family and she demonstrates it every day". After a quick online search, Evelyn discovered that another woman had accused him of sexual assault and reported it to the police. "It wasn't something that I did". "This was a serial predator and he just picked me as his prey". Not that she made a decision to come forward, she's received an outpouring of support, particularly from her husband.

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What else has Hadden been accused of?

Yet she did not tell her husband, let alone authorities, until after Hadden was removed from his practice due to other allegations. Hadden's victims weren't given the opportunity to speak to the judge during Hadden's sentencing.

In a statement to MedPage Today, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said that because conviction is never a guaranteed outcome in a criminal trial, the office's primary concern was holding Hadden accountable and making sure he would not victimize women in the future. The doctor pleaded guilty to two charges involving two of the women, but Yang wasn't one of them, according to CNN.

For punishment, Hadden had to register as an intimate offender and lost his medical license but eluded jail time.

Yang is one of 32 women now suing Columbia, claiming that the university failed to intervene when Hadden sexually assaulted them during office visits, and alleging the institution had "concealed" and "enabled" his behavior since the 1990s.

Evelyn Yang and others have been critical of the way that Vance handled that case. "This is very hard to come out", she said.

In a comment, Andrew Yang told media reports he's proud of his wife for sharing her story - and argued abuse victims deserve support and protection.

She hopes her coming out "will empower other women".

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