Huawei Ditches Google Maps, Strikes Deal With TomTom For Navigation Services

Ruben Fields
January 21, 2020

Huawei and TomTom are in agreement to supply location services on the Chinese company's future smartphones and tablets, according to Reuters.

Of course, this is one more development in the long-standing USA blacklist which has prevented the Chinese phone maker from working with Google.

This banned Huawei from using Google's official Android operating system, along with widely used apps such as Google Maps, in new phones. The deal is certainly a weight off Huawei's shoulders, which without a global navigation partner, would have had to ship devices with limited map services.

While we don't know when the TomTom maps will first appear on any Huawei phone, the timing of the public statement suggests we may just see something soon.

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Huawei's severance from Google has forced it to strike up a partnership with satellite navigation company TomTom, Reuters reports.

The deal with TomTom means Huawei can now use the Dutch company's maps, traffic information and navigation software to develop apps for its smartphones. Without any access to Google's operating system or built-in apps, Huawei's developing Harmony OS as a full-fledged Android replacement.

The manufacturer has also been building out its own app gallery, getting developers on board to make more applications available through its own channels, lessening the reliance on Google.

Over the weekend TomTom spokesperson, Remco Meerstra announced the deal however questions are being raised as to how long the deal will last as the European Company is tipped to come under political pressure to limit the sale of their services.

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