Al-Salbi, aka Abdullah Qardash: New Isis leader is Yazidi genocide mastermind

Clay Curtis
January 22, 2020

It is now confirmed that Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi has taken the leadership of the outift, officials from two intelligence agencies have said.

Al-Salbi took over from previous leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, 48 hours after the latter blew himself up after being cornered in an American military raid in October a year ago.

The Islamic State has named a new leader to replace Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who died in a U.S. Special Operations forces raid on a compound in northern Syria's Idlib Province in October, intelligence sources say.

In the three months since the raid that killed Baghdadi, a more complete picture of Salbi has been reconstructed by regional and Western spies, placing him at the center of Isis' decision-making process - and that of his forerunners - and portraying as a hardened veteran in the same vein as Baghdadi, unwavering in his loyalty to the extremist group.

The Mosul-conceived pioneer is accepted to be one of the most persuasive ideologues left in ISIS's drained positions and is one of the last non-Arabs.

It said he also oversaw operations around the world.

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Underwriting the violence against the Yazidi minority and occupying Iraq's Christian Nineveh Plains region after a spasm of killing and destruction were among the crimes that were reportedly carried out with the blessing of Salbi's religious rulings.

Holding a degree in Sharia law from the University of Mosul, he rose through its ranks in part thanks to his background as an Islamic scholar, the paper added.

Nicknamed "the professor" al-Salbi is said to have grown close to previous leader al-Baghdadi when they were both jailed in Basra by United States forces for their links to al-Qaeda in 2003.

The hunt for Salbi has reached Turkey, where his brother, Adel Salbi is said to be representative of the political party called Turkmen Iraqi Front.

Before his death, al-Baghdadi led IS for five years. They said that there have been around 60 attacks per month since a year ago, which targetted Iraqi security forces through assassinations and assaults. While al-Salbi's current whereabouts are unknown, it's believed he is hiding out in a town west of Mosul, the Daily Mail reported.

Many IS participants ran away with contraband paths to north-western Syria in the last days of fight in advance of the team's territorial loss previously this year, while others have actually thawed into the desert in Syria or Iraq.

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