Obama Worried Rising Sanders Not Fit to Beat Trump

Clay Curtis
January 24, 2020

Elizabeth Warren has room to grow among those without college degrees.

The Democrats' presidential primary in New Hampshire is February 11, and the Trump campaign announced yesterday that he's scheduled a rally in the Granite State for February 10. Both are Democratic socialists, making them ideological soulmates. "I don't think one person can make it into the race right now".

He added: "If one of these elements fails, it will be very hard for a Democrat to win".

The challenges for each of the candidates - and the party as a whole - have triggered a sense of alarm from campaign operatives and Democratic officials, several with ties to Obama, who worry that mathematical realities shaping the electorate could make it hard for any of the candidates to defeat Trump without significant improvement over the coming months.

Republican fundraising for the 2020 presidential campaign has been impressive of late, but don't overlook the Senate races.

Democrats hope that changes in the electorate, especially among educated voters and women, could widen the path to the presidency for the democratic candidate. But there is a broad acknowledgement that few groups of Democratic voters are passionate about their choices in 2020.

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"As we build our campaign to win delegates in every state and territory to secure the Democratic nomination, we're doing it with an eye toward sustaining it through the general election", Lau said. It noted that if Trump is denied the popular vote victory in 2020 like he was in 2016, "he'll join John Quincy Adams and Benjamin Harrison as a one-term president who lost the popular vote on the way in and lost it again, even more badly, on the way out".

Candidates are aware of their shortcomings, but there are no easy answers.

And 90 percent of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's supporters said they would vote for whoever is the nominee, while the remaining 10 percent said it depended on who won the nomination.

"The average American doesn't think we have to completely tear down the system to remake it", the Times quoted Obama, while speaking at a gathering of Democratic donors.
"I think it'll take patient, coalition-building".

Anita Dunn, senior strategist at Biden, admitted weakness among younger voters, but suggested that Biden's competitors would have to worry much more about other demographic issues.

Speaking of television ads, the newest spot from Joe Biden is not subtle in its electability message: after recent polling data is shown on screen, the voiceover tells viewers, "This is no time to take a risk". To showcase that strength, the campaign is hosting multiple events in Iowa this weekend with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 30-year-old liberal superstar who will stand in for Sanders as he participates in Trump's impeachment trial.

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