Which countries have confirmed cases of new coronavirus?

Daniel Fowler
January 25, 2020

The Liberation Daily reportede the Shanghai admnistration's decision on its online channel on Saturday.

To try to prevent further spread of the virus, workers in Seoul sprayed disinfectant in a train that originated in Wuhan.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade overnight raised the level of travel advice for Wuhan and Hubei province to "do not travel".

Authorities have since imposed transport restrictions on almost all of Hubei province, which has a population of 59 million.

The nationwide death toll has jumped to 41, the government said Saturday, after 15 more people died in Wuhan. Almost all of those who died were in the Wuhan region, but officials have confirmed two deaths elsewhere. Hong Kong GDP losses were more than 2%. Three of those cases were confirmed in the 24 hours to Saturday morning.

France said that three people had fallen ill with the virus - the disease's first appearance in Europe.

It has infected around 1,300 people in China and spread to nearly a dozen other territories, including France and the United States.

All three had recently travelled to China and had now been placed in isolation. Another posting showed a local effort of 4,000 volunteer drivers who have been helping distribute supplies around the city to hospitals and medical staff.

The health ministry said Saturday it has confirmed a third case of a new deadly virus that has been rapidly spreading in China and beyond. All are Chinese nationals on holiday from Wuhan who arrived in the country from Singapore two days earlier.

The 55-year-old man arrived in South Korea on Wednesday with a fever. As its initial symptoms are like common cold, we all need to cover our noses while sneezing and wash our hands with soap frequently.

Province sets up special website dedicated to China's coronavirus outbreak
The first human cases were thought to stem from a wholesale market that sold seafood, poultry, farm animals, snakes, and bats. USA health officials announced earlier in the day that a woman from Chicago who travelled to China is the second US case .

Victoria's Deputy Chief Health Officer Angie Bone said the man's family are being closely monitored.

Seven people are now being investigated and tested to see if they have the virus. Though doctors in Wuhan have managed to treat 38 victims of the infection, its spread has accelerated, and two academicpapers published on Friday found that it can be passed on by people showing no outward symptoms of infection. She is reported to be well and in stable condition.

Taiwan has uncovered three cases so far.

All arrivals from the rest of China - including Hong Kong and Macau - must fill out health declaration forms on arrival.

In addition, Hubei is also experiencing a shortage of virus testing kits and face masks.

Airports around the world have stepped up screening of passengers from China, though some health officials and experts have questioned the effectiveness of such screenings.

In the U.S.as of Friday, 63 patients in 22 states are under investigation for the Wuhan coronavirus, and 11 of those have tested negative, according to the CDC. On Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced it had confirmed a second infection, in IL.

Both were treated and are recovering. "We just don't know much about this particular virus to date", she said.

Wuhan said it would ban non-essential vehicles from its downtown starting tomorrow to control the spread of the virus, further paralysing a city of 11 million that has been on virtual lockdown since Thursday, with almost all flights cancelled and checkpoints blocking the main roads leading out of town.

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