Download the Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10X and Surface Neo

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

"This is just the beginning for creating enhanced experiences for dual-screen devices", writes Microsoft.

Whether it's a Windows, Android, or web app, Microsoft is making it easy for developers to adapt their apps to take advantage of the new capabilities introduced with dual-screen and foldable devices.

As an OS made for two screens, Microsoft wanted more flexibility in multitasking.

As rumored for months, containers are a key to the 10X platform.

In other Windows 10X news, Microsoft announced that the operating system will be much faster at applying major updates.

If you're a Windows Insider and you're enrolled in the Slow ring, you can grab this update now via Windows Update.

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Microsoft itself recommends users to move to Windows 10, but Windows 8.1 is still getting support and security patches until 2023. In reality, the Windows 10X emulator is designed with developers in mind, but there's nothing to stop anyone who is curious from trying it out.

With the new emulator and Preview SDK, developers will be able to see what works best for them.

During the Microsoft 365 Developer Day livestream, Microsoft detailed three key areas that developers can focus on to enhance their apps for these new form factor devices. And the user experiences on the Duo and Neo, in many ways, look more similar than different, at least to my non-design-noticing eye. You can see your app on one screen and your tools on the other and stay in your flow. We have taken the Windows 10 that customers know and love and built Windows 10X in a way that marries the familiar with the new. Microsoft also has some big execution challenges with its dual-screen devices is an understatement. In a way, the Surface Neo reveal was the culmination of a decade of anticipation that started when Microsoft's initial Courier concept first leaked. I've heard that in its own internal testing so far, Microsoft has not found providing Win32 app compatibility to be a slam-dunk.

Another area that Microsoft has talked about today is how developers can build cross-platform apps using Xamarin.

However, there may be some talk today during the virtual developer event about how the company is devising a new model for application reputation, as officials hinted previous year would be happening. What are your thoughts on Microsoft's push for dual-screen app development? "This is Windows 10X".

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