Mum 'Reunited' With Dead Daughter Via Virtual Reality Headset

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

A South Korean TV show titled Meeting You used virtual reality to help a mother struggling with the tragic loss of her seven-year-old daughter.

The present, known as "Assembly You", recounted the story of a household's lack of their seven-year-old daughter Nayeon, who handed away from an unnamed illness in 2016. It was this experience was reportedly deemed beneficial by the mother even though the experts have warned about the limits of carrying out a "radical psychological experiment" on television for the objective of entertainment.

The video captures a heartbreaking reunion between a mother named Jang Ji-Sung and her dead daughter named Nayeon.

'Oh my fairly, I've missed you, ' the mom could be heard saying as she strokes the digital reproduction of her daughter.

The documentary, which aired on the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, aims to reunite grieving relatives with lost family members. The mother grew emotional and replied, "I miss you, too". Clearly, at first, Jang was hesitant and shocked, but throughout the video, she was painfully able to ease in and even interact with the VR Nayeon. Having the ability to view her daughter one final time might assist her into her grieving procedure. Her husband and two of her children, watching in the TV studio, were also shown crying.

At one time, the little girl runs up to her mother and hands her a flower saying: 'Mommy, you can see that I'm not hurting anymore, right?'

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At the end of the encounter, Nayeon lays down to sleep, saying that she was exhausted and her mother bids her goodbye.

Jang wore a Vive virtual reality (VR) headset and can be seen transported into a garden where Nayeon was seen standing and smiling in a bright purple dress.

Within the boundaries of the instant, these fleeting couple minutes, I don't have any idea if this had been a finally positive experience with this particular mother, and thus don't wish to talk for her private feelings or try to envision what she believed interacting just like this. "I hope many people will remember Nayeon after watching the show", Jang wrote on her blog. However, Dr Blay Whitby, philosopher and technology ethicist at the University of Sussex told an worldwide news outlet that that Korean show has sparked "worrying ethical issues".

'We just don't know the psychological effects are of being "reunited" with someone in this way, ' Dr Whitby said.

'Quite a lot of psychiatrists would regard that as probably unhealthy. The problem is that in the pursuit of profit or worse, people will be exploited'.

The pair met in a virtual park. Would they need to be digitally introduced again to life? Who controls the words that they say? Might this be manipulated to pressure conversations that they'd have agreed to? Regardless of the long term moral and ethical concerns are that we are going to need to confront, this is very fucked up.

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