North Korea enhanced nuke program despite Trump overtures

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

With Mr Trump's focus on winning re-election, his interest in engaging North Korea appears to have "waned", the TV channel said on Monday.

The Reuters report also accused Chinese barges of helping Pyongyang with importing petroleum and exporting $370 million in coal.

"Despite its broad indigenous capacity, it uses illegal external acquisitions for some components and technology".

The latest information on coal smuggling was included in an annual report on North Korea sanctions violations compiled by a panel of experts.

"In 2019, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) did not halt its illicit nuclear and ballistic missile programs, which it continued to enhance, in violation of Security Council resolutions", Reuters quoted the report as saying.

NEW DELHI • India is set to give final approval to a US$2.6 billion (S$3.6 billion) deal for military helicopters from US defence firm Lockheed Martin ahead of a visit by US President Donald Trump this month, defence and industry sources said.

An alleged United Nations report unearthed by Reuters on Monday concluded that at no time in 2019 did the communist regime in North Korea stop its nuclear weapons program, raising questions as to why allies Russian Federation and China insisted the us support relieving Pyongyang of those sanctions as a reward for halting nuclear development.

It says the North exported 3.7 million tons of coal mainly through ship-to-ship transfers from January to September past year.

Philippines to end U.S. troops agreement
Reyes said the transmission of the notice of termination has set the process in motion, with 180 days to be considered effective. USA troops were on the ground in 2017 aiding the Philippine military during a siege of militants in the southern city of Marawi.

Since 2017, North Korea's yearly imports of polished oil have actually been covered by the U.N. Security Council at 500,000 barrels.

A high-profile North Korean defector said Tuesday he'll run in upcoming parliamentary elections in South Korea as part of his efforts to help South Koreans understand the true nature of North Korea and map out a better unification policy.

North Korea "continued illegally to acquire virtual currencies and to conduct cyber-attacks against global banks to evade financial sanctions".

Following media reports of North Korea's coal-smuggling, the Chinese representative to the United Nations said in a statement that China is fulfilling its duties as set forth in the U.N. resolutions in a honest manner. The screens stated the United States reported that in betweenJan 1 and alsoOct 31 in 2015, Pyongyang imported polished oil that surpassed the cap "many times over".

North Korea and the US have been negotiating a nuclear deal over the past two years, with Pyongyang pursuing a path of denuclearization in exchange for reduced sanctions on its economy.

But the United States, France and also Britain stated now is not the moment to think about raising sanctions.

A confidential United Nations report accuses North Korea of expanding its nuclear and missile programs in 2019 in violation of sanctionssanctions, Reuter reported Monday.

"It continued to develop infrastructure and capacity for its missile program", the screens stated.

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