The Division 2 expansion 'Warlords of New York' announced

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

Thanks to some eagle eyed fans like HandsomeRalph and gustavonerdz, it seems tomorrow we should get news of an expansion called Warlords of NY and our first look at The Division 2's next season. The Ultimate Edition includes the game, expansion, Year 1 content, classified assignments, and unlocked specialisations. Keener and his Rogue Agents pose a threat to civilisation's rebirth, meaning you'll have to courageous an untamed open-world Lower Manhattan to track him down. It's a similar premise to the original Division, but that game took place in New York City. You'll now always see roll ranges for each stat when you're looking at gear, god rolls return to enhance readability, and the gear recalibration system has been streamlined with clearer item and stat usefulness indicators. Each of the four districts in Lower Manhattan houses an investigation leading to one of Aaron Keener's four rogue agents. To get to Keener, players must take down each of his Rogue Agents.

For more information on The Division 2 Warlords of NY, please visit the official website. This will allow Agents the flexibility to plan the ideal build. The level cap has been raised from 30 to 40, and once you max that out, there's a new form of infinite progression that'll allow you to keep on progressing your character. Owners of the expansion will also get access to new gear and new weapons. There'll be more gear, exotic weapons and armour, and an extended endgame which is said to evolve across three-month seasons. "So, going rogue is now just attacking other players again, and we are rewarding more of the player's player interaction so we are rewarding that fight between rogues and shade agents..." There will also be new in-game activities like League, which is a series of challenges, and the return of Global Events.

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This appears to be a good time for new players to pick up the game, as well as being an exciting addition if you're still a dedicated player. Players will also see the return of Global Events, time-limited in game events during which a global modifier is applied to the entire game and players will be rewarded by completing specific tasks. During the season, you'll work to increase your season level to unlock more rewards, very much like a traditional battle pass. Players interested in collecting additional rewards can acquire a Season Pass.

Starting tomorrow, players can experience the prologue with Episode 3 - Coney Island: The Hunt, available free on February 12 for Year 1 pass holders, February 19 for all The Division 2 players. Those that just want Warlords of NY will be able to purchase it separately. The two main missions and two classified assignments will serve as a prologue to the Warlords of NY, with a new "Firewall" specialisation, new rewards, and new weapons also included.

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