What about a tree-way foldable smartphone? Samsung says it’s possible

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

Galaxy V would have been even more evocative of the Z Flip's profile, but alas, Samsung already used that letter on a forgettable phone back in 2014. The new phone features a three-stop hinge that works similar to the one you'd find on a laptop.

If you thought the S20 would come with a price hike compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S10, you'd be right.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is will be available on February 14th 2020 and costs $1,380. Yes, a 4G version of the Galaxy S20 will be available in the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, but it won't be in the USA. No notch or cutout is necessary, as Samsung is utilizing the 21.9.9 aspect ratio on this smartphone. Outside there is a tiny status display - a 1.1-inch Super AMOLED 300x112 pixel screen. Some will be able to navigate their way around using just one hand, but for others it might be a slight stretch. If you want the full resolution, uncompressed versions, we recommend clicking the button at the bottom of this article and downloading all the wallpapers in a ZIP file.

It's got some pretty impressive specs and isn't a complete dealbreaker in the price range so it's likely the series will be a bit more palatable for those wanting high-end features but not wanting to pay a small fortune for them.

Samsung may have gotten exhausted of everyone talking about the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro, or the Google Pixel 4. In a sense, that makes it the most exclusive of the shades, even if it's the most low-end phone in the range that you can get it with. And the Galaxy S20 is no different. The video can be viewed on a Samsung QLED 8K television, apart from the phone itself. To get that, you'll have to spring for either the S20 Plus or the S20 Ultra. This could come in useful when you're scrolling through options to upload to Instagram.

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The Android users will find the Dark Mode theme placed under WhatsApp Settings in the Chats menu. The dark mode is colossally well known right now because of its retina-sparing highlights.

The Galaxy S20+ has the same feature as the S20 except the screen is larger at 6.7 inches and it has an extra camera called "Depth Vision" which gives the illusion of depth of field like what you'd seen in depth effect photos taken on newer iPhones.

The big news from an AV perspective is the headphone jack.

Although they look pretty much the same as the original Buds, the new sound quality for the Buds+ should be a massive improvement across the board.

Globally, Samsung also faces stiff competition from Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, which was a close third in market share in the fourth quarter, although the Chinese company is caught in a battle with Washington over security and technology, especially 5G. Then different people can take turns controlling playback. Samsung claims quicker wireless charging speeds and you'll be pleased to know the phone comes with its own 25W fast charger.

But, there is still a sizeable leap in tech and if you're looking to upgrade from a two or three-year-old handset it's undoubtedly going to be on your shopping list.

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