WhatsApp dark mode arrives on iPhone in latest Beta update

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

However, you probably have get entry to to the beta model of WhatsApp along with your iPhone, you are going to be happy that Facebook has began to check dark mode as neatly.

DarkQ (available to download from XDA Labs) works with most third-party apps without their own dark modes, plus first-party apps like the Google Play Store.

You've been asking us for a dark theme for a long time, and now it's finally here. Recent मेंWhatsApp by these feature of Android beta users have given. Apart from this, there is also the System Default option, that is available for smartphones using the latest Android 10 OS and have enabled Dark mode for their phone, system-wise.

iPhone owners can try out WhatsApp's Dark Mode by invitation. If its tasting to be successful is if these feature all users will be giving.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Update Comes For iOS Beta Users
WhatsApp Dark Mode Update Comes For iOS Beta Users

The dark mode is colossally well known right now because of its retina-sparing highlights. The Android users will find the Dark Mode theme placed under WhatsApp Settings in the Chats menu.

However, users on Reddit are reporting seeing the option to switch to the dark mode theme, so it's clear it is in the testing phase and will hopefully be rolling out soon.

Since we realize comparative improvement is in the air on the iPhone application, we can presumably expect a full update on the two kinds of OS soon.

According to MacRumours, this update was released late last week although no further details have been revealed about how it looks once enabled.

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