Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Clarifies Position On Virtual Reality After Backlash

Ruben Fields
February 12, 2020

He added, "some of them we'll get right and some of them we won't, but we're definitely not going to be meek: we're going to be bold in what we're gonna try to do".

If you had today's fibre to the home connection and yesterday's install size for many a AAA game, you'd have the latest title on your console before you could even finish making a sammich.

The idea is that first-party titles such as Halo Infinite will launch on all Xbox models, but the Xbox Series X version will have the highest fidelity.

"We're going to do a much better job with this next, upcoming launch of not waiting ten months to launch in Japan like we did last time". As Xbox Series X will go head to head with Sony's PlayStation 5 this holiday season, the conversation should soon shift to raw specs and other important details such loading times and ray-tracing support.

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You don't want to do that to the exclusion of everybody else and you also want to do that hand-in-hand with developers because developers want to find the widest audience possible.
And yes, there are always trade-offs in what you're going to do from developing each individual game. Some of them we won't. "And we built this plan with all three of those as inputs and we feel really good about where we are". "You want your friends to be able to play it". "You can see what I'm playing; there's tons of games that work", Spencer said. "Let's go try to do new things'". He mentions that he was pleased with the number of Japanese published games they had at E3, adding, "I've been really proud of the way that we built a partnership with nearly all the publishers there".

In a recent interview with Gamertag Radio, Phil Spencer went into a bit more detail about how Microsoft came to this decision, saying Microsoft is "putting the player at the center and not putting the device at the center" of its vision of the future. "There is no slide deck anywhere that says we want to turn everyone into a subscriber, and no one should buy".

However, with their game streaming service, new consoles, software, and the PC market, Microsoft are in a strong position no matter what happens next generation.

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