Duos are coming back to Apex Legends in celebration of Valentine's Day

Ruben Fields
February 13, 2020

Respawn's super-popular battle royale title Apex Legends is feeling the luuuurve of the Valentine's season, and will - for a brief time - be offering players the opportunity to tag up with that special someone on their next chaotic run through The Frontier. There are also some more granular changes in the patch notes, such as the addition of specialized sniper ammo for the game's long-range rifles, like the Longbow and Charge Rifle.

TJ Denzer is a player with a passion for games that has dominated a lifetime.

The new game mode brought by Respawn Entertainment will be playable from February 11 to February 18.

Apex Legends has allowed three-man team challenges as standard since its release. And if you all you do is log in, you'll still get something: a Valentines 2020 badge.

Duos return to Apex Legends tomorrow as part of Valentine's Day celebrations

Duos mode debuted in Apex Legends late a year ago, where it was warmly received by the fanbase, who were disappointed that it wasn't a permanent fixture. This way, you will be able to play Apex Legends during this time with either your lover or a friend, and someone you do not know will not join your group. Pairs will earn the player twice the experience points in Rendezvous, as much as 20,000 points per day.

The Valentine's Day Rendezvous event begins tomorrow, February 11 and will bring back the Duos mode, which is the regular game but teams consist of two players instead of three. Along with Valentine's Day equipment, old equipment is also returning to the game.

If the duos game mode isn't really your thing, simply logging in during the event will reward you with a Valentines 2020 badge, simply for hooking up with Apex at this most romantic time of year.

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