Farmer unearths new cousin of T. rex dubbed 'Reaper of Death'

Katie Ramirez
February 13, 2020

He is looking at all the tyrannosaur bones to learn more about the evolution of the species.

But Dr Therrien said no other species of tyrannosaur had ridges along its jaw, and the scales that covered them were likely to be colourful, giving it a very distinctive appearance.

"They were the apex predators of the eco system, and the nature of the food chain relative to plant-eating dinosaurs, there just weren't many of these apex predators", Zelenitsky said.

A new species of tyrannosaur dating back nearly 80 million years has been discovered by a farmer and his wife in Canada.

What Voris saw that differed was vertical ridges that run the length of the upper jaw.

That thunderous clamor you're hear stomping through the primeval forest plains of ancient Alberta, Canada might only be a distant echo in the infinite corridors of time, but rest assured that this newly discovered species was one apex predator not be be trifled with. De Groot has always been a paleontology fan, so having a species of T. rex named after him is no doubt a momentous honor. "We knew it was special because you could clearly see the fossilized teeth", he said.

Fossils of a terrifying new type of tyrannosaur have been discovered in Canada - so horrifying that scientists have dubbed the creature the "reaper of death".

The second part of the name doesn't relate to the dinosaur's ability to end your life but instead is dedicated to the man who found the fossils.

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When they lived, tyrannosaurs (including the Tyrannosaurus rex) were large predatory theropod dinosaurs.

He found the fossils during a hike near Hays, Alberta.

Thanatotheristes provides scientists with insights into the tyrannosaur family tree and shows that tyrannosaurs from the cretaceous of Alberta were more diverse than previously known. "That's how we discovered that the specimen was much older than all the previous dinosaurs from Alberta".

"That's just one of the characteristics that we initially saw and said, 'OK, this is something unique".

François Therrien, curator of dinosaur palaeoecology at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, announced the discovery on Facebook with University of Calgary Ph.D. candidate Jared Voris.

Therrien, who also worked with Voris, said the student's discovery is significant. Do you think it really deserves the name "Reaper of Death", or should a name that aggressive be reserved for one of the larger species of the Tyrannosauridae family?

The 79-million-year-old fossil that the researchers have found is the oldest tyrannosaur known from northern North America. "Here in Alberta we already have five".

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