Essential shutting down after not being able to finish Project GEM

Ruben Fields
February 14, 2020

Regardless, the PH-1 will live on in history as being the first commercial smartphone with a notched display.

"Current Newton Mail users will have access to the service through April 30, 2020", Essential warns. The company took to Twitter and revealed that customers should check their Essential Phone for the update.

Essential did a genuinely outstanding work supplying quick month-to-month spots and also Android updates for its only smart device, the EssentialPhone But today the firm introduced it's closing store, which implies that those software updates will not be coming any type of longer. Moreover, the company will terminate all staff from its office in CA, USA, and Bangalore.

The company said it would cease business operations because it has "no clear path" to delivering its next products to customers. This breadstick-shaped device boasted a tall, narrow form factor, as well as an all-glass unibody design, and ran a heavily customised version of Android.

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Essential, founded by the co-creator of Android (who I'm obliged to mention, has been accused of sexual misconduct), has announced it will be ceasing operations. Additionally, Rubin talked about a "new UI for a radically different form-factor", and the "GEM Colorshift material" of the phone was also something pretty interesting. Particular mention was given to the CloudMagic team which joined Essential a year ago and was a major force in delivering Newton Mail and developing the slim and compact Project Gem smartphone. Even though there were rumors about the possible launch of the Essential Phone in India, the deal never happened.

In less than three years, though, the company is shutting down after unveiling just one phone. "When Rubin teased the Gem devices on Twitter in October, the announcement sparked a debate about tech founders and the ability to dissociate their personal lives from their products", they add. Essential's decision to shut down illustrates the challenges facing consumer electronics startups. This means no bugs or security threats will be cleared and in fact, Essential will host its full vendor image on GitHub where developers can check out and hack it out as they want. The company thanked the employees, staff members and other community members for showing passion for our vision.

Once considered among Silicon Valley's most promising hardware technologies start-ups, Critical had increased $330 million in external funding due to the history of Mr. Rubin, who's widely credited for producing Google's Android smartphone program. The company has closed down and you won't receive any new updates.

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