Hopper lives! Beloved character appears in ‘Stranger Things 4’ teaser from Netflix

Brenda Watkins
February 14, 2020

Finally, Netflix has given us the gift of a Stranger Things 4 teaser to (kind of) answer our burning questions about how they left off a year ago - with the biggest question, of course, being whether or not Jim Hopper died at the end of last season. Netflix releasing this teaser now means we won't have too much longer to wait for the real thing. Could he be featuring in some way in season 4? It opens on a huge, snow-covered clearing in a forest, and there's a pretty major operation going on here; a railroad track is under construction, while a bunch of very serious-looking dudes with guns look on. The teaser, which clocks in at just under a minute, reveals the fate of Hopper (David Harbour). That's a word away from the hat/moustache/loud shirt combo he's best known for.

Season 3 finished with words that someone called "The American" was rotting in a cell in Eastern Europe.

Stranger Things, set in the 1980s, follows the attempts made by a group of teenagers and adults as they try to battle an evil monster - who comes from the underworld known as the Upside Down - in their small home town.

The Stranger Things 4 teaser, titled "From Russia With Love", takes place in - you guessed it - Russia (no, we can't get more specific than that).

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'Meanwhile, back in the states, a new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything....

The streaming site have also promised the next instalment will be "the biggest and most frightening season yet".

The post-credits scene in the previous series saw the soldiers decide which prisoner to leave with a demogorgon and one of them said: "Not the American" which had us all clinging onto hope Hopper was the American in question. However, there are a few clues out there that hint when the hit show might return to Netflix, with some pointing to another holiday-themed release (via Inverse) December.

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