Raptors, at $2.1 billion, NBA's 10th highest valued team

Tanya Simon
February 14, 2020

According to Forbes magazine, the Knicks grew by over 15 per cent in the previous year and are worth US$4.6 billion (S$6.4 billion), the highest in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The average team is now valued at about $2.1 billion, a figure that has grown nearly 600 percent in the last decade.

The Celtics are ranked as the 5th most valuable franchise in the National Basketball Association.

'The NBA fundamentals are still strong, and the league is extremely well managed, ' Sal Galatioto of Galatioto Sports Partners told Forbes.

The Los Angeles Lakers were listed with a worth of $4.4 billion, with the Golden State Warriors at $4.3 billion.

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According to Forbes, the Knicks' surging value is the result of recent arena renovations, a blockbuster local TV deal and the fact that they play in the richest North American sports market. "The Celtics had no problem selling those extra seats thanks to a waiting list for season tickets despite prices that rank among the top echelon of teams", writes Forbes.

For the Knicks, now a lowly 13th in the Eastern Conference, the list comes after their owner James Dolan reiterated he had no plans to sell the franchise and was on the hunt for a new president to help turn their fortunes around. Interim coach Mike Miller, who replaced the fired David Fizdale, could be brought back, but the team is reportedly searching for another replacement. The five aforementioned teams are the only teams in the league with a value of at least $3 billion, with Boston having raised its value by 11 percent since 2019, the second-lowest single-year change percent of the top-five.

While the ratings represent a short-term dip, these numbers point to a much larger, positive trend for the health of the league.

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