Watch astronaut Christina Koch meet her dog after a year apart

Katie Ramirez
February 14, 2020

Koch, 41, says as she gets down on her knees to pet and play with the excited pup. But overall, she described it as a "pretty easy transition back".

Koch's time in space was history-making.

Koch spent 328 days in space as a member of three expeditions on the International Space Station.

Koch's 11 months in space was "the longest single space voyage by a female astronaut or cosmonaut", according to CBS, and she was also a part of the first all-female space walk.

"It's wonderful to stay really busy with all the work we're doing, both the scientific experiments, the maintenance and upgrades to board the space station, the experiments we do on ourselves", Koch told FOX News' Bill Hemmer Wednesday.

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"It just looked exactly like you might see in the pictures except way more brighter, way more real, and I literally exclaimed, I just said, 'Oh my goodness!' It was just phenomenal, and it was that moment when I realized I had just left our planet", Koch said. In 2016, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after 340 days on the ISS.

In the upcoming Artemis missions, NASA will be sending the first woman and next man to the moon. Koch said it was those experiences that came up the most during her interviews as a candidate.

After spending nearly an entire year on the International Space Station, astronaut Christina Koch was finally reunited with her dog this week.

"After 328 days in space, the first six days back on Earth were full of just as much wonder and excitement", said Koch in a press conference Thursday.

The electrical engineer-turned astronaut said she counted herself lucky to not have suffered more serious ailments.

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