Andrew McCabe Will Not Face Charges From Justice Department

Clay Curtis
February 15, 2020

Andrew McCabe, the former acting director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will not be charged over lying to federal investigators about a series of leaks he authorized to the media in 2016 regarding the long and torturous Russiagate investigation.

Prosecutors dropped the investigation into whether McCabe lied when questioned about a media leak related to a probe of the Clinton Foundation after almost two years.

McCabe, who is a CNN contributor, has been perceived by President Donald Trump as one of his foes for his work on the early Russian Federation investigation for the FBI.

And the US Attorney in DC has been under fire this week following the Justice Department forcing the office to lessen the sentencing recommendation for Trump confidant Roger Stone after the President tweeted that the department's treatment of his friend was unfair.

According to the Washington Post, McCabe's attorneys Michael R. Bromwich and David Schertler said the Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney's Office phoned to say the case against their high-profile client "has been closed".

The Justice Department's decision to seek a lighter sentence for Stone earlier this week prompted all four prosecutors on that case to resign in apparent protest.

McCabe has denied any wrongdoing and has said he was distracted by the tumult surrounding the FBI and the White House - one of the interviews took place the same day that former FBI Director FBI James Comey - during the times he was questioned.

"At long last, justice has been done in this matter", McCabe's legal team said in a statement announcing the end of the investigation.

Ex-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe won't be charged for role in leaks to media

Attorney General William Barr also took a rare public swipe at Trump by saying in a television interview that the president's tweets about the Stone case and other matters were making his job "impossible".

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment.

In 2018, the Justice Department opened an investigation into McCabe after Inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a criminal referral for him, accusing him of lying.

McCabe was sacked just hours before he was due to retire, after the department's internal watchdog issued a report saying he misled investigators from the Inspector General's office who were trying to determine whether he had improperly shared information with a reporter.

It is likely to further agitate Trump, who has repeatedly and loudly complained that the Justice Department has pursued his former aides and advisers but not prosecuted his perceived political foes.

Prosecutors finally informed McCabe Friday that none would be filed and the case was officially closed.

McCabe oversaw the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails and the Clinton Foundation after his wife already lost her race, and the 2016 leak was seen as damaging - not helpful - to Clinton's campaign.

"During these inquiries, I answered questions truthfully and as accurately as I could amidst the chaos that surrounded me", McCabe has said in a statement.

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