Culinary Union to Endorse No One Before Caucus

Grant Boone
February 15, 2020

And in another field, titled Good Jobs, it says all the candidates would strengthen union rights, but includes an additional bullet point for Klobuchar, saying she would "work with unions on regulations about technology at work".

The Culinary Union said its membership is 55 percent women, 54 percent Latino, 19% White, 15 percent Asian and 10 percent black.

This is not the first time Sanders has had to condemn bad behavior from those who claim to be his supporters.

While Sanders condemned the attacks, calling harassment "unacceptable to me", he is distancing himself from the supporters the Culinary Union addressed in its statement.

At a December town hall event with the Culinary Union, Sanders was heckled by some members of the crowd when discussing single-payer health care.

Argello-Kline said Thursday that members "want to protect their health care". Forcing people off of their private health care, the leaflet said, "creates unnecessary division between workers, and will give us four more years of Trump".

CNN has reached out to the Sanders campaign for comment.

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Sanders has said his goal is to show union members that Medicare for All would not result in any drop in coverage quality from private health care now in place.

The 60,000-member Nevada union, with outsized influence in a state heavily dependent on tourism, said on Thursday it would not endorse a presidential candidate, but warned its members that Sanders' Medicare for All proposal, which would replace private health insurance with a government-run program, could put their hard-won union health coverage at risk.

The non-endorsement from the union is another example of opponents of Sanders - or of parts of his progressive policy platform - failing to coalesce around a more moderate alternative.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, the one-time front-runner who finished a disappointing fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire, referred to the union's statement in a tweet and said, "supporting labor means supporting our unions".

The flier sponsored by the union, which is an influential force in Nevada politics, comes just a few days away from the Nevada caucuses.

After the chaotic Iowa caucuses, all eyes are on Nevada, which begins early caucus voting on Saturday.

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