Google is pulling YouTube TV subscriptions from Apple's App Store

Ruben Fields
February 16, 2020

In the email, YouTube first says that the user is now subscribed to the service through the App Store, and that in March 13 YouTube won't be accepting in-app purchases through the platform.

YouTube today sent out emails to customers who are subscribed to its YouTube TV service through Apple's App Store, letting them know that ‌App Store‌ subscriptions are going to be discontinued in March.

This week, Google's YouTube informed about a change in policy which is a discontinuation of the subscriptions which is purchased from Apple's in-app payments.

"You will be billed for a last month of support after which your in-app buy subscription will be canceled automatically in your billing date following March 13th, 2020", the email reads.

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An increasing number of popular online services, including Spotify, have stopped entertaining in-app purchases. Spotify raised it as a point in its anti-trust complaint against Apple, describing it as a tax their competitor isn't forced to pay.

Apple demands a 70:30 split in the subscription revenue for the first year if the user goes for in-app purchases. Google charges the same fee for apps on its Google Play Store.

The move comes as a relief to YouTube TV subscribers, as they will be asked to pay comparatively less - $49.99 rather than the earlier fee of $54.99 - the Verge report said.

The YouTube TV app will need to remove all references to subscribing and signing up from its app when in-app purchases disappear, as Apple does not allow apps to link out to third-party subscription purchase options. That should come as a bonus to current subscribers on iOS devices - at least you'll be paying less for YouTube TV now.

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