Tame Impala delivers on beautiful ‘The Slow Rush’

Brenda Watkins
February 16, 2020

After what has seemed like much longer than it has been, Tame Impala has finally released the follow-up to 2015's Currents with the Australian group's brand new studio album, The Slow Rush.

The album is not only tied by themes of time, but also an overarching feel that singer, writer and producer Kevin Parker is trying to prove something.

Since releasing Currents, Tame Impala have kept plenty busy. Tame Impala also performed both songs on Saturday Night Live.Then when the album was announced, Tame Impala shared another song from it, "It Might Be Time", which was also one of our Songs of the Week (at #8).

One of the world's most revered bands touring their home country just months after the release of arguably the most anticipated album of the year.

Titled, The Slow Rush Time Warp, the release will include a neat package of unreleased audio and visual content. But song after song the sense of insecurity reappears in the lines sung by Parker. The single "It Might Be Time" finds Parker cynically saying, "It might be time to face it / "You ain't as young as you used to be", while elsewhere, "One More Hour" - the album's closing track - serves as a bookend to the opener, "One More Year". "Tomorrow's Dust" again, however, moves away from this sound, as Parker mixes his light vocals with heavy percussion and acoustic guitar which make the song feel like a summer's day.

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Where the album falls short is on track "Instant Destiny". "Is It True" combines ideas of his own and his parents divorce explored in the other tracks, perhaps exposing his fears that history will repeat itself in his own marriage.

As an album, TSR might not blow your socks right off, but it's a completely solid return for Tame Impala, and one that's well worth a listen - or two. The song looks at how far Parker has come, "the start of the album was setting out a year, and then like, "One More Hour" was gonna be the last hour of that year, you know like where have we come to?'" "One More Hour" sounds nearly musical-esque, both dramatic yet still featuring heavily the typical Tame Impala vibe.

Tame Impala has been becoming a music industry anomaly like a rock act that can sell out arenas and rake in 1.6 billion total on-demand streams, according to Nielsen Music/MRC Data all without releasing a new project in a half-decade.

"I've seen people around me that have conviction and I realised conviction is so important in moving forward with music or art".

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