Facebook finally gets dark mode on Android and iPhone, sort of

Ruben Fields
February 18, 2020

However, if you are fortunate to use Facebook Lite which is available in few regions, you should know that Dark Mode option has been added to the app. Choose Configurations then General configuration from the application menu to find the Topic option, which gives you a list of three different modes to choose from.

The dark mode enables throughout the app and is nicely implemented. It is a close beta for now, and only a couple of users who were lucky to get invited have access to the dark theme.

Regardless, it seems that we're moving in the right direction and Google is finally ready to flip that dark mode switch for everyone in its search app - and thus Assistant too. A global dark mode was introduced previous year along with the Android 10. If you turn on it, all tabs and menus of the app will be displayed in dark grey. Whatever you may think about white modes in general, one thing is clear: they're very bad for nighttime readability.

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On iOS, YouTube will not follow the light or dark settings of the device, but you can change it in the app settings. You'll notice under Appearance, a Light or Dark feature. You can arrive by touching your avatar. We will tell about two ways in this news so that consumers will be able to use dark mode. Whenever you are running Android 10 or later, or iOS 13 or later, Instagram will match the operating system settings described above. Nevertheless, it takes time for the company to introduce the dark mode to the main Facebook app, and this feature has been tested on Twitter for a long time. Messenger, for example, got a dark mode about a year ago, while Instragram jumped on the bandwagon in October.

The social media giant has brought out Dark Mode for its Android-based users of Facebook Lite version, however, the feature is not yet being available to the main app.

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