What does the points-based immigration system mean for pubs?

Daniel Fowler
February 20, 2020

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said there would have to be "a lot of exemptions" and that the policy would send a "toxic message" to those looking for work in the UK. "Our demographics mean we need to keep attracting people here - this makes it so much harder", she said.

"We're ending free movement, taking back control of our borders and delivering on the people's priorities", said Home Secretary Priti Patel. It urged businesses to no longer rely on cheap labour and instead invest in automation and retaining staff. Authorities noted that by reducing overall immigration to Britain it is delivering on Brexit proposals demanded by the electorate, while at the same time fulfilling campaign promises made during recent elections.

To qualify for entry, an applicant must score 70 points or more.

It revealed that points will be awarded for criteria including having an approved sponsor, a job offer or a job at an appropriate skill level, the person's ability to speak English, the salary available to them and their qualifications.

The UK government said it would end the reliance on "cheap" immigrant labour.

Pledging to cut annual net migration, she urged employers to prepare for a "significant change" with rules created to shift the economy away from relying on cheap labour from Europe towards a "high-wage, high skill, high productivity" future.

Mr Kreft said: "This is something we have been warning about for a long time because it is clear that these proposals will have dire consequences for the social care sector and, more importantly, for the vulnerable people we look after". A cap on the number of skilled visas that can be issued has also been abolished.

"Salary thresholds will prevent colleges and universities from recruiting the staff they need to educate our students and deny future students the opportunity to learn from those with global backgrounds", she said. Further, as per the Migration Advisory Committee's (MAC) recommendations, salary thresholds have been established.

Ms Patel announced the new plans this week, adding they were based on the Australian immigration plan.

Britain unveils points-based immigration plan

Asked whether individuals who have an offer from an academic institution, but can not speak English, would still be able to come to the UK, Patel said: "We're being very clear about this - this is a system that puts the British government in control of its immigration policy for the first time in decades". The scheme means that visas will not be available to low-skilled migrant workers.

But for European Union migrants who are used to moving freely between Britain and the continent, the new regime will be something of a shock. A more liberal system for skilled migration, from anywhere in the world, could genuinely help mitigate some of the economic downsides that are likely to result from the new trade barriers Brexit will bring from January.

Earning a salary between £23,040 - £25,599 (10 points), earning a salary over £25,599 (20 points), applying for a job in a designated "shortage occupation" (20 points), PhD in subject relevant to job (10 points), PhD in Stem subject relevant to job (20 points).

Jobs now on the MAC's Shortage Occupation List include civil engineers, medical practitioners, nurses, psychologists and classical ballet dancers. She warned this latest change to immigration policy would be "more severe and there will be more casualties" compared to previous attempts to reduce migration. "It needs to go".

This will provide greater flexibility and ensure United Kingdom business has access to a wide pool of skilled workers, the Home Office said.

"The playing field has now been levelled - all nationalities will be required to apply for visas under the same skilled worker's route".

But waiting staff roles would be removed from the list of skilled occupations, while new additions would include carpenters, plasterers and childminders.

Students must adhere to the points system, demonstrating that they have an offer from an approved educational institution, can speak English and can support themselves during their studies in the UK.

The new immigration system will come into force from the 1st of January next year, and will treat European Union and non-EU citizens the same.

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