No Man's Sky Gets Living Ships in Latest Major Update on PS4

Ruben Fields
February 21, 2020

In the ninth free update to the space adventure, Hello Games introduces a new class of spaceships... and they're alive!

The biological structures can be investigated more fully in the new Starbirth story missions that reveal the ancient Korvax experiments that birthed these remarkable starships.

The Living Ship is the first new spaceship since the Atlas Rises update.

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Prior to "No Man's Sky", the independent studio was known for arcade stunt racer "Joe Danger" before its spacefaring vision caught on. The update will bring more than the titular starship to the game, including dynamic space events and even space NPCS, later this week. Moreover, these spaceships feature their own set of unique organic technologies.

As expected Living Ships will be available in "dozens of procedurally-generated variations" and they will have special loadouts to reflect their biological nature. "If you want to get a fast-propelled ship, you're going to have to raise the right form of life ..." Players can also experience rare encounters with mysterious space objects and odd new lifeforms while pulsing through a star system. Additionally, NPCs can be found in space that will hail you on your ship communicator, and they are just as likely to offer up a rare item for trade as they are to blow the cockpit clean off your starship.

To add mystery to the whole, the Hello Games notes make no mention of these new game features and content, so we still don't know exactly what it is. "In previous years, we have focused the team around a great update". Where previous updates like Next and Beyond took many months - nearly a year - to release, the studio has recently adopted the idea of delivering smaller but much more frequent updates. The Living Ship update is coming this week, and also brings along plenty of optimizations and bug fixes.

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