Apex Legends' original Kings Canyon map is back

Ruben Fields
February 25, 2020

You'll be able to return to the original Kings Canyon map in Apex Legends from today until Monday 24th February, giving you the whole weekend to enjoy the battle royale action as it first released back in February 2019.

So far, the community has had over a day with Kings Canyon after playing on World's Edge for two seasons.

If you are an Apex Legends player and you find yourself getting nostalgic for the original map when the game first kicked off in 2019, you're in luck!

Beginning on Friday, February 21, and running through February 24, Kings Canyon will be playable along with the current map. However, it's not an exact replica of the map as we last knew it, but instead, it's the Season 1 version.

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It's now unclear if the game will decide randomly what map players will be dropped into, or if they'll have the option to choose themselves. Makes it feel more special when you get to play on an old favourite. It'll be interesting to see how the matchmaking queue times hold up with the playerbase split between the two - this could very well be a test to see if Respawn could have multiple maps available all the time.

Respawn Entertainment has announced via Twitter that it's going back to where everything started for the Apex Legends franchise. Every match in Kings Canyon sees at least six teams drop at the shantytown.

One of the best things about live service games like Apex Legends is that they keep things fresh with regular updates that herald new challenges, items and even maps.

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