McDonald's to Release Candles That Smell Like a Quarter Pounder

Daniel Fowler
February 25, 2020

It's been a long week.

The quarter-pounder scented pack features bun, ketchup, pickle, and cheese, onion, and beef votives.

According to a press release from the fast food chain, the aroma should have universal appeal (except maybe to vegans or vegetarians): "Because there's no better smell than 100 percent fresh beef and a flawless combination of toppings". Other items that will be available include a 2020 Quarter Pounder Calendar, a "Quarter Pounder with Love" locket, and Quarter Pounder oven mitts.

McDonald's launched the Quarter Pounder Fan Club this week.

You can follow McDonald's on Instagram to see when the one-of-a-kind Quarter Pounder merchandise will become available throughout the week.

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Fancy that new-bun smell?

I've heard a lot worse ideas than this one. They recommend burning them all at the same time for "maximum deliciousness". Fans can also display their affection with Quarter Pounder mittens, locket, calendar, sticker, pin and shirt found on the fan club site.

Who doesn't love scented candles? Maybe you'd get them as a crap birthday pressie for a mate, light them once, think "Oh yeah!"

On Feb. 26, the restaurant will unveil a "larger-than-life" monument to the iconic burger.

"Just how big?" it teased. Of course, you could just go buy a Quarter Pounder, but it won't last 25 hours like these candles will.

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