Surfer punches and swears at great white shark to survive attack

Clay Curtis
February 26, 2020

"I actually shouted at it 'f- off!' and went to punch it in the eye and missed", Minogue told the newspaper.

At that moment, Mr Minogue shouted "f**k off" at the shark and punched it in the eye, which, according to him, was three knuckles across.

A surfer from Auckland, New Zealand, managed to survive a terrifying attack of a great white shark after punching it in the eye and telling it to "Fuck off".

Nick Minogue was casually surfing at Pauanui Beach near Auckland, New Zealand over the weekend when he got hit by a shark.

"By the point I realised what was happening, its enamel have been positively latched on to the entrance part of the board".

Meanwhile in between the fight, the shark had supposedly got its teeth disengaged and a brush of its dorsal and tail fin was felt by Nicky, who just kept swimming. After the incident, Minogue said he paddled back to shore along with another German surfer who was about 160 feet away from him when the attack took place.

"I got a bit ahead of him and he was a little bit behind so probably anxious the shark would come back".

Mr Minogue stated: "It was a gray shark with a white backside, most likely a great white". It was a big head and jaw.

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There was only one other surfer close to Nick when the attack happened and they both paddled as quick as they could when the shark swam off.

"The German guy was kind of screaming the whole way which probably made me paddle even faster", he told the Herald.

Department of Conservation marine scientist Clinton Duffy said "the photograph of the bite to the board is consistent with a fairly small white shark, aka white pointer, great white".

Pauanui surf life-saving club captain Stuart Upjohn had also been on the beach and told Radio NZ: "It turned out he was actually fine but just a bit shaken".

According to the announced data, there are an average of 19 shark attacks in the United States of America every year and there is only one death in two years.

When back on shore Minogue says he wasn't sure how bad the cut on his arm was.

Nick added, "There was blood dripping out the sleeve of my wetsuit. Thankfully it wasn't too deep", he told the Herald. "Two enamel put holes in my wetsuit however just one punctured the pores and skin", Mr Minogue stated.

Nick reckons he would have come off a lot worse if he was wearing a thinner wetsuit.

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