World planking record set by ex-marine, aged 62

Grant Boone
February 27, 2020

YouTube Former U.S. Marine George Hood broke the Guinness world record for plank holds after 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds, reclaiming his title.

When Hood finally got up on the platform to break the world record, he said he thought of his three sons.

Hood says his next goal is to break the record for most push-ups completed in one hour, which now sits at 2,806.

According to Guinness, Illinois native Hood completed an estimated 2,100 hours of planking to train for the stunt, which the athlete commissioned in order to win back his record from Chinese policeman Mao Weidong, who broke it in 2016.

"I'm the father of three sons and part of me did this for them", Hood said after performing the plank at a gym in IL, 515 Fitness, that seeks to treat mental health through physical exercise. This involves 700 drive-ups, two, 000 sit-ups and 500 leg squats each and every and every single day, according to CNN's report.

"I've taken the plank as far as I can take it", Hood told USA Today on Saturday.

He finished strong, as well ending off his record-breaking time with 75 push-ups before announcing his retirement from chasing plank-breaking records.

During his planking session, he said he listened to Van Halen and Rammstein. "At least at this last event, for eight hours, 15 minutes, 15 seconds, I was the biggest rock star that ever lived in that place".

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"The burning will set in those elbows".

Isn't Hood really breaking stereotypes with these remarkable feats? When that happens, [my coach] talks me through it and I take lots of water and eventually they go numb.

He added: "When the numbness sets in, I'm generally pretty good. It's just a matter of being exhausted and wanting to stop".

The release also states that Hood did a practice attempt in 2018, in which he lasted 10 hours and 10 minutes.

"Everybody has to start somewhere".

He continued: "Every tree that's planted has roots". While talking mid-plank, either to himself or to others, he often gets ensconced in his emotions, which both distract him and fuel him to hold the pose longer.

George's competition was held under the motto "Break the plan, break the stigma", to bring awareness to and support mental health and wellness.

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