Finally Getting to Label Harvey Weinstein a "Convicted Rapist"? *Chef’s Kiss

Brenda Watkins
February 28, 2020

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Although Harvey Weinstein was recently convicted of rape and a criminal sexual act, his time in the hot seat hasn't ended.

Those stories had impact - Weinstein was sacked from his production company and has been shunned by the industry - but many were doubtful the accusers would ever find justice in a courtroom.

Some other reactions to the verdict include praise for the women who testified against Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein was convicted on two of his sexual abuse charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court earlier this week, suggesting that the disgraced producer may spend several years of his life behind bars.

Most sexual assault "is rarely reported and, when it gets reported, it often does not result in an arrest, much less a prosecution or a conviction", said Ms Tuerkheimer.

But lest we forget, Weinstein still faces four sex-crime charges in Los Angeles, including rape and forcible oral copulation.

The typical cell construction in the North Infirmary Command "has a toilet, a desk and a bed in some of the units, and I believe that the unit they would put him in - there's a little enclosed area just outside the cell that allows him to walk around a bit within the secure setting", Cranston said. Gruber praised the impact of #MeToo, in how it has brought accountability to some men who abused their power, but she warned against making more of the verdict. It may be naive to expect the impact of this trial to carry over to a typical sexual assault case in which none of these elements are present.

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Weinstein is due to be sentenced on March 11. After being sentenced in NY, he will be tried on four counts of sexual assault in a separate case brought against him in Los Angeles.

"Just want to acknowledge that without @RonanFarrow @mega2e @jodikantor Harvey Weinstein would not be a convicted rapist". Weinstein was a monster, but he wasn't the stranger in the bushes monster. Truth is, rape does not end with one conviction. For many years I suppressed what had happened and I moved on.

For Gruber, the mixed verdict wasn't surprising given the magnitude of the predatory sexual assault charges and how old some of the claims were, including Sciorra's.

He continued: "I don't know too much about the case because you know I've been traveling and being at meetings nearly every hour of the day, every minute of the day, I haven't been able to really see too much of it".

"Every one of us who's come forward, we have a name, we have a history, we have a life, we are more than Weinstein".

A doctor who works for the Department of Corrections made the decision for Weinstein to be placed at Bellevue, rather than Rikers Island, Aidala said, when his blood pressure spiked to the level of needing hospital care.

A spokesperson for the newspaper stated that his behavior was "completely unacceptable", and they condemn sexual violence no matter the form. His sexual misconduct had ignited the #MeToo motion the world over, again in 2017 when plenty of girls narrated their detailed testimonies in public about sexual misconduct that came about with them on the office or in any other case.

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