Lancashire woman amongst Britons stuck on cruise ship in California

Katie Ramirez
March 9, 2020

Once the passengers disembark the ship will leave Oakland to dock elsewhere, according to California Gov. Gavin Newsome.

The ship's captain announced that all California residents aboard the ship will be tested at a local facility and out-of-state travelers will have to go to out-of-state facilities, Miller said, though he didn't say what worldwide passengers will need to do.

Speaking in Ottawa on Monday, Dr. Tam said that cruise ships have passengers from all over the word who may be arriving from areas with known or unknown spread of the novel coronavirus.

"We are working to obtain more details overnight".

She said: "There is no reassurance that the ship is about to dock as I don't think she is going to get off".

The ship had been forbidden to dock in San Francisco amid evidence the vessel was the breeding ground for a cluster of at least 20 cases, including one death, after a previous voyage. Passengers with plans to travel by cruise ship should contact their cruise line companies directly for further information and continue to monitor the website and see the latest information from the CDC:

Steven Smith and his wife, Michele, of Paradise, California, went on the cruise to celebrate their wedding anniversary. He said the cruise industry is focused on what they can do to keep people safe. "After I'm done eating, I open the door and slide the tray back out". To pass the time, they watch TV, read books and play games on their iPads.

"Thank God, we have a window!"

That is the same base where passengers from the Diamond Princess were recently held after that ship had an outbreak of the virus, and where there has been suspected community spread of COVID-19.

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A British grandmother stuck on a coronavirus-hit cruise ship has said she is going "stir crazy". Several people in Canada aboard that earlier voyage have since tested positive for the illness.

The passenger likely infected his dining room server, who also tested positive for the virus, Tarling said, as did two people traveling with the man.

In this image from video, provided by the California National Guard, a helicopter carrying airmen with the 129th Rescue Wing flies over the Grand Princess cruise ship off the coast of California on March 5.

In general, Bartlett described the turn of events as "depressing", as the passengers on board have been mostly isolated in their cabins since March 5, per The Associated Press.

Last week, Donald Trump said he would prefer not to allow the passengers onto American soil but would defer to experts.

"He's still feeling fine with no symptoms, so we're hopeful he'll test negative and be able to go home sooner rather than later", she said. "And it wasn't the fault of the people on the ship either. OK?"

Adams said those who aren't sick should not wear face masks as they often cause more harm than good.

Americans are scheduled to disembark in Oakland and be taken to military bases in California, Texas, and Georgia, the BBC reported. Some later were hospitalized with symptoms. CDC notes increased risk of infection of COVID-19 in a cruise ship environment. All passengers will face a 14-day quarantine, in various locations.

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