Mars Rover 2020 Name 'Perseverance,' NASA's New Red Planet Robot

Katie Ramirez
March 11, 2020

The name comes from a program of 28,000 submissions for students. The student who won the contest, a seventh grader from Virginia, was in attendance for the big reveal. Zurbuchen was on hand at the school to congratulate Alexander Mather, who submitted the winning entry to the agency's "Name the Rover" essay contest, which received 28,000 entrants from K-12 students from every USA state and territory.

28000 college students throughout the U.S. submitted essays and proposed names for NASA's latest Mars rover, and on Thursday, the company introduced the victor: Perseverance, submitted by Virginia seventh-grader Alexander Mather. "We are a species of explorers, and we will meet many setbacks on the way to Mars".

"We greatly expanded our search for organic compounds which ultimately are fundamental to our search for life", said NASA Director of Solar System Exploration Paul Mahaffy. When you remember that, all the names of Mars rovers we had in the past are attributes that we person. But if rovers are to be the qualities of us as a race, we missed the most important thing: "perseverance." . Therefore, NASA plans the launching of yet another rover to the Red Planet, and now it even has a name for it.

The Perseverance rover is set to land on February 18th, 2021, in an area on Mars known as Jezero Crater, which may have been an ancient river delta that hosted life billions of years ago.

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"Alex's entry captured the spirit of exploration", said Zurbuchen.

Having the honor of naming the Mars 2020 traveler, Alexander was invited with his family to participate in the launch of the Mars 2020 mission at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station later this year. A reputation plate has been mounted on the rover's robotic arm, and all 155 semifinalist names and essays, etched on a microchip, will probably be despatched to Mars as properly. "So, we made a decision to send them a little farther - 314 million miles farther". "I saw all these dedicated men and women who for years have invested the full measure of their intellect and stamina into the most technologically advanced rover mission in history - and I saw a lot of smiling faces and high-fives".

The rover is undergoing final preparations at NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

Up till Thursday, NASA's latest rover was recognized merely as Mars 2020.

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