Last remaining female white giraffe killed by poachers, along with her calf

Katie Ramirez
March 14, 2020

Kenya Wildlife Services said conservancy management alerted them of the missing giraffe and calf after not seeing them for some time.

Mohammed said the killing of the extremely rare giraffes is a big blow to the tremendous steps that the community took to conserve the rare and unique species.

The last remaining white giraffe is a lone male, born to the same slaughtered female, the conservancy added.

White or otherwise, all reticulated giraffes (Giraffa reticulata, the species found in the conservancy and throughout northern Kenya) are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The Kenya Wildlife Society, which is the leading conservation society in Kenya, officially announced that they are investigating the killings.

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Their white color is due to a condition called leucism, which is a loss of color pigment in their bodies except for their eyes. The three-person white giraffe family lived in a conservation area in Kenya.

According to Ishaqbini Conservancy officials, the mother was likely killed by poachers in Ijara, Garissa County.

The rare giraffes were first discovered in 2017 after a villager living adjacent to the conservatory reported its sighting to a ranger.

As well as conservation, the news is a blow to science and tourism. If only proper drone technology was deployed, we may not have had to experience the loss of the white giraffe mother and her baby calf. This means that though their skin and hair are white, their eyes are dark rather than red, as is typically the case in instances of albinism. A movie of this female with her calf submitted on YouTube from the book has since been seen nearly half a thousand times. The number of older individuals according to information from 2015 was estimated at just over 68,000 - representing a decrease of around 40 percent in 30 decades.

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