In Italy, 793 Die of COVID-19 Coronavirus in One Day

Clay Curtis
March 22, 2020

Italy on Sunday reported 651 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, bringing the number of total deaths to 5,476, still the highest in the world.

In Italy, the cases surged by 793 to 4,825, recording an increase of 19.6%, by far the largest daily rise in absolute terms since the contagion emerged a month ago.

Italy on Sunday called upon the military to enforce the lockdown in the country after officials reported Italy calls in the military to enforce lockdown as 627 people died in a single day.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country now stands at 59,138 - nearly a one fifth of the infected worldwide.

The northern area of Lombardy is the most severely influenced, with 3,095 passings and 25,515 cases.

The National Health Institute (ISS) said Friday that the average age of Italy first 3,200 victims was 78.5. Wuhan must go 14 straight days without a new case in order for draconian travel restrictions to be lifted, but already, a special train returned more than 1,000 auto factory employees for the first time since the outbreak.

A total of 6,072 people are recorded to have recovered from the disease in the country.

On the other hand the normal life is resuming in china after epidemic outbreak of coronavirus. A restriction on non-essential travel over the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico was due to come into force Saturday.

Rio de Janeiro's beaches will be off-limits to sunseekers from yesterday, leaving street vendors anxious how they will survive with limited government support.

NSW Premier moves to shut down 'non-essential' services
Yesterday 67 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed - bringing the total number of cases in Victoria to 296. Under the State of Emergency people who don't comply with a directive could receive a fine of up to $20,000.

"We don't want to get over enthusiastic or overestimate a trend, but compared to yesterday there is a slight drop in the figures", said Franco Locatelli, the head of Italy's top Health Council, which advises the government.

Strict confinement measures across Europe follow the template set by China, as a lockdown imposed in Hubei province, of which Wuhan is the capital, appeared to have paid off.

Accurate figures are hard to come by, however, as many of those who die suffer from other illnesses, and infection rates are uncertain because of a lack of testing in many countries.

The shadow of the virus is lengthening across Africa and the Middle East too.

Cases stand at over 1,000 across Africa, where health care systems are fragile and social distancing is not possible in many crowded cities.

Almost 1 in 4 Americans were under orders to close up shop and stay at home on Saturday, as lawmakers in Washington neared a deal that could pump a record $1 trillion into the economy to limit the economic damage from the coronavirus, said a Reuters report.

While US President Donald Trump insisted that the US was "winning" the war against the virus, states dramatically ramped up restrictions, with NY and IL joining California in ordering residents to stay home.

Guatemala, for its part, announced the application of a partial curfew to slow the advance of the virus, which has caused 17 infections, including one deceased, while Panama reported two other deaths from the epidemic.

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