Social distancing doesn't mean you have to watch it alone — Netflix

Brenda Watkins
March 22, 2020

How it works is deceptively simple - you can watch whatever show/movie you want, together and chat while you're watching. Once you are redirected to the Chrome Web Store, click "Add to Chrome" to finish installing Netflix Party. Once you've got everyone in the same Netflix Party you could call a friend on the phone or even do a group FaceTime or Skype video call, or multiples of both to broaden the party.

Sure it sounds cool to announce on Instagram how you hate people but one week into isolation, chances are, most of us know better.

Browse Netflix for your favorite movies and shows. Check out the details below. We gave you the power to pick the movie and you chose Four Weddings and a Funeral, which is actually a great feel-good film for a Sunday night. Thanks to Netflix Party, as it lets you watch movies with friends and family while you are in different places. Little hacks like this, along with all the celebrities keeping us entertained on various social media sites, will likely prove invaluable in keeping us connected to one another, in unusual social distancing times. However, it is very easy to use.

Requirements: The Google Chrome browser and a Netflix account. Unfortunately, this means that you and yours will need to own PCs in order to take advantage of the free service.

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To get started with Netflix Party head to and click the Install Netflix Party.

A user can then start a Netflix video, pause it, and click on the NP button in the Chrome Omnibar to create a group link that can be shared with others.

Now, click on "Add to Chrome", which will ask you to "Add Extension". It is a full-fledged tool that provides the combined control of the show to all members of the watch party so that all everyone stays in the same time frame. If you're the kind of person who can't watch a film without discussing the plotline it could make nights in alone much more sociable.

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