Concern over crowded London Underground carriages

Grant Boone
March 24, 2020

In the United Kingdom, there are over 6,733 confirmed cases and at least 336 deaths.

On Tuesday, London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged employers to let their employees work from home and to stop all non-essential travel.

More than 130 people have died in London from Covid-19 - a third of the whole of the UK.

Shopping for essential supplies has been approved and any non-essential shops have been forced to close.

Prisons in England and Wales have also been put on immediate lockdown, with all visits cancelled.

The government says people should only go to work "where this absolutely can not be done from home".

Coronavirus lockdown: What are the rules?

Gatherings of more than two people - except for those in the same household - have also been banned.

Meanwhile, yesterday (March 22), Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Brits that they need to keep six feet apart or Government would consider putting the country on a total lockdown.

Downing Street said the use of fines would be targeted at dispersing gatherings. Reduce London Underground they said!

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Nurse Danielle Tiplady tweeted: "Being on the Tube is making me feel uneasy".

Lastly, medical needs and care are both deemed to be a valid reason to leave the home.

"It is concerning because I have to come to work", she added.

Transport union TSSA called for police to be deployed at major stations to ensure "passengers on the city's public transport network are only those providing vital services".

And she added: "Help me!"

A spokesman for TfL said passenger numbers on the Tube were down by 85% this week compared to previous year. The exhausted Ambulance Service employee issued an open letter that went viral on Reddit (which has since been removed) on Sunday, said that there was a need to be more socially aware of why there distancing was a must.

The mayor also called for the Chancellor to introduce additional measures as "a matter of urgency" for the self-employed, those in the gig economy and those working on zero-hours contracts.

Ms Harris said the reduction in TfL services meant "you now have more people waiting and piling onto the Tubes and trains".

Aylesbury Tory MP Rob Buter said he had told ministers that work on HS2 should be stopped after contractors in his area were failing to comply with social distancing.

The police are to be given new powers to make sure the public stick to these new rules - though the legislation to back them up has yet to be passed.

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