Overwatch Finally Gets its 32nd Hero - Echo

Ruben Fields
March 24, 2020

I think it's going to be cool to have a hero like Echo who will represent a kind of "innocent" character in the game. This is how Echo will do most of her damage in combat.

Some people in the Overwatch community are saying that this should be changed, but this is an intended effect of Echo's ultimate, according to the game.

Blizzard has officially revealed that the next hero to arrive in Overwatch will be Echo, an "evolutionary robot programmed with a rapidly adapting artificial intelligence". "I'm hoping it's a support hero with maybe some unusual support abilities, a lot of healers provide sheer healing, but a robot like this, maybe we'll see some buffs or debuffs, or maybe she'll utilize shields similar to how Torbjörn supplies armor". Among them was Jeff "Emongg" Anderson, who quickly realized that when Echo uses her ultimate ability, Duplicate, hero select is disabled for whoever she copied until her ultimate runs out.

This weekend was supposed to see the reemergence of many teams that weren't able to play at all this season due to the spread of the virus in Asia and Europe. In a Twitch stream conducted earlier today by TimeTheTatMan with Jeff Kaplan, Echo's Ultimate was shown off, which left some players anxious.

Players got their first glimpse of Echo in the Reunion short, where she was in the payload on Route 66.

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While Overwatch 1 is a purely multiplayer experience, the sequel plans to offer more story content and replayable missions that will help flesh out the overarching narrative.

For now, catch Overwatch on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

A message from Blizzard explains: "In this highly replayable mode, players can level up their heroes and earn powerful customization options that supercharge their abilities, granting the extra edge they need to overcome the odds".

"Choose whether you want Reinhardt's Fire Strike to ignite nearby enemies, or modify his hammer to swing with increasingly blazing speed; modify Mei's Endothermic Blaster so frozen foes take more damage and shatter into deadly ice shards; and more".

Echo is the 32nd hero joining Overwatch.

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