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Ruben Fields
March 24, 2020

The notification came from the preinstalled Find My Mobile app-Samsung's alternative to Google's Find My Device app.

Samsung explained in a message on the Samsung Members app that this message was a mistake and it will have no effect on users phones. The notification, as reported by several users on Reddit, just reads "1" with another "1" right below it. Tapping on the notification doesn't seem to do anything beyond closing the notification shade.

Getting a random notification from the service that allows you remote access to your phone can be scary, but it seems it was a fluke rather than a malicious attempt by a third party.

Find My Mobile is meant to "help you locate your phone or tablet and protect your data", according to the company. In order to perform these actions, the app has access to nearly all of the device permissions, which is why Samsung users have been freaking out after receiving the unusual notification.

Samsung users piled onto Twitter to find out the cause of the notification, with some complaining it had woken them up.

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"Recently, a notification about "Find My Mobile 1" occurred on a limited number of Galaxy devices", the verified Twitter handle wrote.

Update: It has now been confirmed that the notification was the result of an internal test by Samsung and there is nothing to be anxious about.

Last summer, OnePlus owners got usually similar notifications - one of which appeared to be Chinese characters and another in the Latin alphabet. has reached out to Samsung for further comment.

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