'Enough is enough': Trudeau warns Canadians ignoring virus advice

Ruben Fields
March 25, 2020

"Go home and stay home", he said, warning that his administration was prepared to enforce a lockdown if calls to voluntarily self-isolate and social distance are not heeded. Most recover. However, the respiratory illness can lead to hospitalization and death, with the most severe cases mostly occurring in older patients or those with underlying conditions. The Trudeau government has just handed hundreds of billions of dollars to the banks and corporate elite to protect their wealth amid the economic collapse triggered by the pandemic.

Public health authorities say some people infected with the highly contagious COVID-19 virus may have no signs, while most experience mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. "We are taking action now to give them more flexibility to meet the challenges ahead in these times of uncertainty", he said on Monday.

"Enough is enough, go home and stay home", Trudeau adds. Last year, more than 21,000 producers received help from the program, getting more than $3 billion, according to figures provided by the federal governments.

And Trudeau says that regardless of whether the USA decides to ease off on public health measures in order to jump-start its flagging economy, Canada will continue to base its decisions on science and keeping people safe and healthy.

When pressed by the media about whether provinces should start to close their borders, he said he is having a conference call with the First Ministers this evening to discuss "additional measures".

Trudeau says an Air Canada flight to Spain is also confirmed, while Air Transat has been cleared for two flights to Honduras and one each to Ecuador, El Salvador and Guatemala.

"The City of Toronto will not be using cell phone location data, nor does it have such data, to determine where people are not practicing physical distancing".

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In a health crisis such as COVID-19, it's understandable that governments must take extraordinary measures in the name of public health and safety, said Brian Beamish, Ontario's information and privacy commissioner. While speaking to an global media outlet, Ford said that it is "very tough decision" and the authorities must get ahead of the virus to beat the virus.

He said that most provinces and territories brought in their own emergencies act to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Tory described the measures as "something we're doing now ..."

"For Canadians stranded overseas, we are working with airlines to get people home", he said, in a speech where he also issued an emphatic call for Canadians to heed health warnings.

How exactly the federal government will or could make sure it happens has been the subject of debate for days, and will be on the agenda for an expected later Monday between Trudeau and the premiers of the provinces and territories.

It will be able to do things such as prohibit travel within any specified area, evacuate people, take over property, order people to perform essential duties, regulate the distribution of goods and impose fines or jail time for people who break the rules.

"This scale and the complexity that we're facing has never been seen before".

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