Thousands queue outside Centrelink whilst MyGov website crashes

Daniel Fowler
March 25, 2020

The MyGov website has crashed as Australians try to access government services like Centrelink online.

Earlier, Mr Robert insisted the website was "fine" despite people being unable to access it.

A denial of service attack is a cyber attack in which hackers overwhelm a website with users in a bid to overload it and cause it to crash.

Less than two hours later, however, Roberts had to backtrack on that statement and explain to the Australian parliament that an alarm created to detect and stop DDoS attacks was triggered when some 95,000 people tried to access the system at the same time.

Mr Robert said that didn't mean there was no need for tighter cyber security.

Resident Gordon Roots isn’t worried about how coronavirus might affect his future
Resident Gordon Roots isn’t worried about how coronavirus might affect his future

"But at this hour of need, Australians are having to grapple with inadequate service, online glitches and a lack of planning to deal with demand at Centrelink shopfronts", he said. Or. maybe. just possibly. the government just didn't plan for the surge in demand.

Opposition frontbencher Bill Shorten said the unprecedented demand was "entirely foreseeable".

Yet for people who have never received a Centrelink payment before, they are required to go into a physical office in order to obtain a Customer Reference Number (CRN).

Photos also show huge lines of people forced to queue up outside some Centrelink offices this morning in a great display of social distancing.

Ipswich resident and Jobseeker claimant John Lamaba said he chose to turn up to Centrelink Ipswich when he couldn't get anything done online.

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