Apple resume AirPower wireless charging mat project

Ruben Fields
March 26, 2020

Apple has engineers working on its infamous AirPower charging mat, according to a rumor shared by YouTuber Jon Prosser who claims teams are now at the prototyping stage of an updated version of the wireless charger.

Since the current prototypes don't support the Apple Watch, Apple will completely re-engineer the AirPower- which means we'll see a whole new product all together. However, he doesn't seem to guarantee that the company will finalize and release the accessory. He said that Apple "refuse" to release a version that doesn't work with its smart watches.

According to Prosser, Apple is again trying to find a way to dissipate the heat charging three devices generates and is said to be re-engineering the coils to "displace the heat more effectively'". He gives his sources a 5 out of 5 toilet paper rolls rating, which suggests that the information he has got hold of is 100 per cent accurate. Apparently, the original AirPower mat design was generating a lot of heat which could potentially damage the device charging over it, and Apple obviously didn't want this to happen. It was created to charge up to three Qi devices, such as an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch simultaneously. Founder of Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, reports that the AirPower project has been revived, though internally.

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Apple pegged a release for AirPower sometime in 2018, but as that year drew to a close without even a single mention of the product, it was clear that AirPower was in trouble. For a device to charge wirelessly, the wire coil inside the device needs to be positioned exactly on top of the mat's wire coil.

If Apple is indeed working on bringing AirPower back to fruition - and we really hope it's true - that's going to be welcome news for Apple fans. While Apple never officially clarified on why it didn't meet the standards, there's a reason why the product didn't come through.

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