Australia bans all overseas travel

Grant Boone
March 26, 2020

Weddings will still be allowed to be conducted but will be restricted to just the couple, the celebrant and witnesses. He allowed barbers and hairdressers to stay open but under strict social distancing restrictions and time limits for customers.

An eighth person, a woman in her 70s, died and the number of cases rose fastest in the most populous states of New South Wales and Victoria.

While the government has previously advised that everyone stay home and social distance during the pandemic, there were still many questions that had remained unclear, and while many still remain unclear, a ban on global travel was enforced tonight, among other strict directives.

An expanded list of businesses will be forced to close their doors at midnight on Wednesday with an emphasis on stopping large gatherings as COVID-19 infections in Australia double every four days, reaching 2136 earlier in the day.

"House parties where someone wants to now have the social events, not at clubs and venues like that but to organise a party at someone's home, the states and territories will be particularly looking at that one and consider whether they'll specifically put measures in place that could lead to that being an offence for those who have organised those types of events".

The prime minister ordered more workplaces to shut by Thursday including libraries and beauticians.

"We had previously had a "do not travel" warning on Smart Traveller, in terms of overseas travel". "Where possible the National Cabinet together is going to try and keep Australia functioning in a way that continues to support jobs and activity in our economy which is not going to compromise the health advice that we're receiving".

The former hard directive regarding travel is now a ban under the biosecurity powers after the Prime Minister said he was "disappointed" that a small number of Australians continue to travel overseas for non-essential reasons.

Overseas travel, with some exceptions such as aid workers and compassionate travel. "No-one should be getting on a plane and going overseas", Mr Morrison said.

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"The direction is being worked on overnight".

Mr Morrison paid tribute to those who were out of work as a result of the lockdown measures.

"We don't want to be overly specific about that, we want Australians to exercise their commonsense so that means bbqs, of lots of friends or even family, extended family, coming together, to celebrate one-year-old birthday parties and all those sort of things, we cant do those things now". Schools are set to reconvene after the school break with a mixture of "distance learning", with parents able to choose whether to keep their child at home.

Queensland: Schools remain open but it is up to parents to decide whether to send children to school. "They can't do it, because when they come home that's when they put Australians at risk" said Morrison during the press conference.

Despite the mass shutdowns, the PM said schools would remain open and he would meet with unions to ensure arrangements to protect teachers and staff.

Meanwhile, the country's Chief Medical Office Prof Brendan Murphy expressed frustration with the Australians who were flouting the rules created to protect other people from confirmed coronavirus cases.

"I might need help with that, I'm not sure what that is, ' Mr Morrison said before spelling the word 'barre" out for reporters.

Dr Murphy admitted the social distancing measures were "draconian" but absolutely necessary to defeat the virus. Instead, the Prime Minister kept reeling off exceptions.

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