Control And Mechwarrior 5 Are Getting Nvidia's New DLSS This Week

Ruben Fields
March 26, 2020

However, with Nvidia's DLSS 2.0, things get much more accessible. The tech is only available for owners of RTX GeForce graphics cards, as it calls on those all important Tensor cores to do the hard work, but it genuinely looks like this is an option worth turning on at last. DLSS 2.0 has a refined learning network that can spot these problems for what they are, and approach them with new math that helps to determine where certain objects end and others begin, resulting in less artifacting and crisper graphics overall. "Nvidia DLSS 2.0 basically gives our players a free performance boost, without sacrificing image quality", says Russ Bullock, president at Piranha Games.

Two games have actually already been making use of DLSS 2.0, Deliver Us The Moon and Wolfenstein: Youngblood, but it is now coming to MechWarrior 5 and Control. Nvidia claims that DLSS 2.0 uses a new AI model that runs twice as fast as the model of the original DLSS, which is a rather significant performance boost.

Before DLSS 2.0, however, there weren't many games that could leverage this awesome feature. NVIDIA set out to redefine real-time rendering through AI-based super resolution - rendering fewer pixels and then using AI to construct sharp, higher resolution images.

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Nvidia describe DLSS 2.0 as "a big leap in AI rendering" with several new additions and improvements which include better image quality, greater scaling across all RTX graphics cards and resolutions and more.

Nvidia has completely redone how their AI-powered anti-aliasing technique works, implementing a new system that will be applicable for all games going forward without the need to train networks individually. Not only does that improve frame rates, but it eliminates the need for those aggravating resolution restrictions so common in DLSS 1.0 games.

In the example above, you can see where a fan behind a grate of metal might create too many lines for the original algorithm to render properly. Having also demoed DLSS 2.0 using a GeForce RTX 2060, it also means that ray-tracing and running games with max-detail settings is no longer limited to high-end cards. In MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, DLSS 2.0 improves performance from 30% to 75% using the "Quality" mode, all while maintaining, and in some cases even improving, image quality. The launch of the manufacturer comes along with the API DirectX 12 Ultimate, which allows the development of games with better levels of lighting, shadows and textures and will be present in the new Xbox Series X. These points appeared to have been sorted with DLSS 2.Zero although, so fingers crossed, issues are getting so much simpler for DLSS transferring ahead. The new form of the technology that was showcased in Deliver Us the Moon and Wolfenstein Youngblood back at that huge tech show is now available for developers to shove into any new game.

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