MI among the top states practicing social distancing

Ruben Fields
March 26, 2020

Since Unacast's business is the proprietary use of location data, the company isn't incredibly specific on its website about how and where it gets its information, but they say that they pride themselves in respecting privacy rights.

Amid a pandemic, can the United States - can Virginia - afford any failing grades as even "Gentleman Cs" could undermine efforts to socially distance to flatten the curve?

And it's revealing where Americans have - and haven't - been practicing social distancing.

The bottom three counties in OH are Preble, Williams and Fayette, which are all receiving "F" grades. According to the data provided, MI has seen a 45% reduction in travel activity during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The company has statistics for every state in the country and every county in Iowa. The state as a whole was reporting 912 positive cases.

On Monday, San Juan County issued a shelter-in-place order, and residents were asked to limit trips out of Silverton. Franklin County scored the worst with a 0% change in travel. Those counties still have no confirmed cases.

La Plata County, which had its first confirmed case Monday, had a B rating, with a 32% change in average distance traveled. An "A" grade means Ohioans have decreased our total distance travelled by over 40%. A new interactive tool developed and launched Tuesday by Unacast, a New York City and Norway-based company that analyzes human mobility data, shows us exactly that.

According to Unacast, they are compliant with the European Union's data protection and privacy laws, and are working on becoming compliant with California's 2018 Consumer Privacy Act. Unacast uses anonymous device location data, map data and intelligence for clients in retail, tourism, real estate, transportation and marketing industries.

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