Spain buys €432 mil in medical equipment from China

Clay Curtis
March 26, 2020

Spain saw the number of deaths surge to 3,434 after more than 738 people died in the past 24 hours, following Italy in overtaking the figure in China, where the virus originated late a year ago.

Despite the fact that Spain's population of 47 million has been under an unprecedented lockdown since March 14, the numbers have continued to spiral with more than 47,000 infected by the virus.

These figures bring Spain's death toll to 3,434.

China has almost double the number of infections as Spain, but a similar death toll.

The government said Deputy Prime Minister Carmen Calvo had tested positive for coronavirus - the third cabinet member to be infected - but was doing well. Le Monde reported 39 deaths in retirement homes in the Ile-de-France region around Paris on Monday and said that privately run homes were reluctant to report data.

The most dramatic rise in a number of cases has been in the United States where total confirmed cases reached 60,115 on Wednesday with 827 related deaths.

Could Loss of Smell and Taste Be a Symptom of Coronavirus?
Not only is that the responsible thing to do to avoid spreading the disease, it's also setting an example for your employees. My friend with the virus had been subsisting on chicken noodle soup and small amounts of yogurt for the past week.

India's stay-at-home order for its 1.3 billion people is now the biggest, taking the total number of people facing restrictions on their daily lives to more than three billion.

"We want to get our country going again".

Wall Street stocks surged early Wednesday as markets awaited a Senate vote on a two trillion USA dollars package to boost the US economy ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak.

Spain now has more coronavirus deaths than China, according to the Ministry of Health.

Meanwhile, Spain is not the only European country to top China in the sad statistics of fatalities. The Basque Country in the north has also been hit hard.

But financial markets rose after U.S. leaders reached agreement on a stimulus package worth roughly 10 percent of the U.S. economy, an injection Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said represented a "wartime level of investment".

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